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My name is Annalise.  I am one of the owners of Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery, Inc.

Ten years ago I decided to go into the carpet cleaning business after we had an awful experience with another carpet cleaning company. Since then we have doubled the size of our company while offering great service to our clients in the Colorado Springs area. Since we do not have a giant ad in the yellow pages you may be wondering how we have grown so much in the past few years. Well, its because of our outstanding service that is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

We are NOT your typical carpet cleaning company. We take our time while cleaning your carpets while offering you the best service available. We are there until the job is done. We do not pay on commission.  We offer fast dry times, stain removal (from either pets or red stains) and we background check all of our employees.

When you call Extreme Clean, you’ll get a truck mounted steam clean process that is recommended by almost all of the major carpet manufacturing companies and we use a rotary extractor which helps in the cleaning and dry times of your carpet. So, if you are ready for some like new, fluffy, clean carpets, please give us a call. Same day appointments available.

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What Our Clients Say…

“Extreme Clean is the only carpet cleaner we trust to clean not only the carpet in our personal home but the carpets in the properties we manage in our Property Management business and by word of mouth advertising from our loyal customers.

We have a high customer retention rate. Most of our clients have already used many other carpet cleaning companies before us, never calling the same one twice. Their carpets were either too wet, not clean enough, or the price was outrageous.

We have had Extreme Clean come in many times after a tenant has used another carpet cleaner to clean the carpet.   If Extreme Clean can’t get a stain out it is not coming out.   We can count on Extreme Clean to take care of our customers and clients.  Extreme Clean has raised the bar for clean and fresh.”

Marty and Robin Townsend, The Townsend Group, Inc.

“After being in my house for 5 years now, Kylah and I were thinking about replacing some of the carpet because we couldn’t believe how old and dirty it was looking. We were in the early stages of shopping when I ran into one of my long-time clients (Tricia) who mentioned that she was now taking care of the marketing for Extreme Clean – a carpet cleaning company here in town. I told her about our carpets and that we were going to be replacing the main level carpeting and she recommended trying to get it cleaned first to see if I could avoid the big bill of replacement. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference but I decided to at least give it a try. When they got to my house, the first thing I was told was that we actually had really nice carpet and it would be a shame to replace it! That was nice to hear, but I wasn’t sure if it would work out that way. I was blown away at the difference once the carpets were cleaned – they looked brand new again and shopping for carpet was off of my list of things to do (and spend money on). They did such a good job and offered to do something special for my clients, so I let them drop in a coupon into this month’s newsletter. If you’ve got a few rooms (or an entire house) that needs to have the carpet fixed up, give these guys a call!”

Robert Edgin, ChFC

American National Ins. and
Securities Management & Research

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