Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

The reason to hire a professional water restoration company to take care of your water damage is simple; they know what they are doing. These trained technicians are qualified to handle any type of water damage in the safest, most effective manner possible. Not only do they understand how to proceed with the clean up, they also know how to identify and assess any given damage situation. Water damage restoration is a complicated task that can easily result in more property damage or even physical harm if left to the unqualified.

Water damage is usually separated into three tiers. The first tier is clean water damage, the second is dirty or contaminated water, and the third is waste water, or sewage damage. In most cases, anything over a tier one is something you do not want to attempt to clean up yourself. A professional restoration technician is qualified to identify your type of damage and formulate the proper plan of action to get you back on the road to recovery.

After water damage occurs you have about 24-48 hours before mold begins to form. Soaked carpet, damp ceilings and walls, wet upholstery, are all breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and fungus. These are all hazards that can cause significant health issues from respiratory illness to severe allergies, and sometimes even worse. These working conditions are absolutely not safe for someone that is not qualified to work in them. A water restoration company has technicians that are trained to identify, assess, and remedy these types of hazardous growths. They have the skills and the tools to work safely and effectively to remove these types of hazards from the worksite.

Water damage restoration companies also have the proper equipment to complete the clean up process quickly and efficiently. The equipment these companies have allows them to complete the project in significantly less time than the average home owner would be able to if they decided to take on the job themselves. The ability to clean up a water damage area safely, quickly, and effectively is what a professional restoration company hangs its hat on. After any disaster situation, the faster and more effectively a clean up can go, the better for the property owners.

If you ever have a water damage situation remember to call the professionals to do the job the right way. Don’t add to your troubles by trying to take on this type of a clean up on your own.